Give your home the attention it deserves. Whether you are hoping for the coveted “Yard of The Month” sign from your homeowners association, trying to impress the neighbors, or attempting to attract potential buyers, curb appeal is important.

A simple classic look is easy and relatively inexpensive. 

Take a walk around the house and focus on the obvious. Simple housekeeping requires no monetary investment. With just a few hours and a little bit of sweat equity you can have:

Sparkling clean windows

A freshly mowed lawn

Edged sidewalks

Flower beds free of weeds

Neatly trimmed shrubs and bushes

Fix what needs fixing.

Enhance the curb appeal of your home with small fixes that make a significant difference.

Pressure wash everything (house, driveway, and roof) to remove mold and mildew

Touch up any chipped paint

Repair window trim

Remove any dead branches from trees

Now that you have checked off the clean-up and fix-up chores from your “to do” list, unleash your creativity. What can you do to make the property look more attractive and feel more welcoming?

Add style and symmetry.

Invest in a few decorative elements to make the exterior stand out.

Window boxes filled with flowers

A pair of potted plants flanking a walkway or door

Accent lighting

A stylish mailbox

House numbers that make a statement

New hardware for garage doors

Create the perfect entry

Nothing says “Come in and stay a while” more than a cozy and eye-catching front entry. Avoid the cluttered look, keep it simple, and stylish.

Make the front door stand out with color or adornment. Add a fresh coat of paint and a decorative and seasonal touch with a wreath.

Invest in a new welcome mat.

Replace worn out doorknobs and doorbells.

Staging is all the rage these days.

Let passers-by, visitors, and prospective buyers know that life is happening inside and outside your house. A front porch is the first “room” of your home. Create a simple seating area with a couple of comfy chairs, a small table, and even a lamp (if you have an electrical outlet close by) lends visual and tactile interest.

Curb appeal extends into the backyard as well. With the lions share of home buyers scanning the internet for photos of available homes, make sure that the back deck and patio looks great as well. Set the stage for al fresco dining with an inviting table and colorful place settings.

Some often overlooked details

The American flag is a time-honored, iconic symbol. It makes an impression, it is colorful, and it creates visual interest. The United States Department of Veterans Affairs gives us the proper protocol to follow.

How does your house look at night? Keep in mind that folks scout out neighborhoods after work. Lighting is especially important in the evening. Illuminate walkways, pathways, and landscaped areas. Give off an inviting vibe by ensuring that interior lights are visible through the windows and doors.

Speaking of windows, do they have a unified, cohesive look? Mismatched window treatments are distracting. Step outside a take a look. Are there any windows without any coverings? Are all the window coverings the same color? Are they all in the same position? Small things do make a difference. Prospective buyers may be wary that bare windows do not offer needed privacy. Conversely, uniform blinds on all the windows signal the ability to control the amount of light that comes in, and the heat that can be kept out. Lower energy bills are always an added perk when looking for a new home. We can’t help you paint that old front door, but if you need some options for upgrading your window coverings to give us a call.

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