The days of BBQ’s, picnics, and long days spent outdoors are nearly at an end.

We’re heading towards the crisp days of fall, where the days are shorter and the nights are longer. As you make adjustments for the autumn, it’s a perfect time to make sure your home is an absolute haven.

One of the most important — and also the simplest — elements to consider is lighting. As the days shorten and people retreat indoors, nothing is more important that emphasizing the lighting in your home. Here are some considerations for experimenting with light, color, and coziness this fall:

1. It may be time for new overhead lights and lamps

Let there be light. Fall means less natural light from outside, and a greater emphasis on indoor space. Has the same lamp been gathering dust on your end table for the last decade? Do you use way too much energy keeping your house lit? Consider making some changes to the light fixtures in your home, starting with these quick tips:

  • Consider installing a dimmer system to gain more control over the overhead lights in your home.
  • Take advantage of the summer’s craft and artisan fairs to find unique lamps.
  • Contemplate the benefits of light therapy lamps that may help fight the winter blues.
  • Think about making a small investment in more energy efficient light bulbs, both to save money in the long run and add a thoughtful, ecological element to your home design.

2. Don’t be afraid to play with paint and color to emphasize light

A dingy coat of paint can really make a room seem small, dim, and cramped. Take advantage of the end of summer by investing in new paint for your walls, and prepare to be amazed at how it can utterly revitalize a room. Here are some facts to keep in mind:

  • Light colors like eggshell make rooms seem larger.
  • Darker colors — like a gorgeous navy blue or maroon — make rooms cozier.
  • White ceilings can help brighten a room.
  • Textured interior paint can add a unique vibrancy to any space.

3. Focus on natural light: window treatments, blinds, and shades

Windows are your home’s eyes out to the rest of the world, and offer the best way to suffuse your home with beautiful natural light all year long. Since you’ll be spending more time indoors as the days shorten, it’s absolutely vital that your windows reflect the way you want to see the world. Specialized window treatments, blinds, and shades can add just the right element to your home and help you emphasize lighting for your unique situation.

  • Wood blinds — these are an incredible yet subtle statement for any home. Wood blinds can be adapted to fit just about any style of home, and their natural, warm look will create an absolute oasis in your home. They can be adjusted to block out as much light as you need to make a room seem cozier.
  • Roman shades — these classy and elegant Roman shades will truly allow your originality to shine through as you choose the fabric that works for you. They’re also a great choice for smaller spaces since they can be adjusted easily to fit any space, and they work well for families with children and pets since there’s nothing to tug on. You can customize the translucency of the Roman blind to allow the most appropriate interaction with light in each room.
  • Draperies — nothing says elegance like draperies. Cozy and warm, draperies allow so much variety in light filtering based on the texture. And they’re extremely versatile, allowing you to let more light in during those dimmer fall days while still maintaining privacy.
  • Valances — just like adding a splash of paint to a room, a decorative valance can set the mood for a room. Try to consider which colors will brighten up a dim room, and which will add an element of coziness.

The fall is an amazing time to make your home a perfect oasis for the cooler months ahead. Take the time to craft a home that’s filled with comfort, class, and light. If you’re feeling inspired to make the best of the natural light in your home, contact the professionals at Just Blinds today for a free, on-site consultation.


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