When designing your business, you already know it’s vital to purchase solutions that work on every level: safety, efficiency, and flexibility.

So if you’ve been experiencing annoying and destructive UV light infiltrating your business through the windows, you know it’s time to come up with a solution that works. An initial investment in solar shades and screens can make your business much more comfortable, inviting, cost-effective, and efficient.

Here are five reasons you might want to consider installing solar shades and screens in your business:

1. UV light is dangerous, irritating, and destructive

You may not realize this, but some UV rays can actually pass through windows. Windows block most UVB rays, but let in certain UVA rays. For employees or patrons that spend a significant time sitting in the light let in by windows, these UVA rays can be annoying and uncomfortable—and even potentially hazardous to health in the long run. In addition to exposing the people in your business to UV light, this type of light ray can also deteriorate your furnishings over time, leading to increased costs on replacements.

You can easily protect your business from the damaging effects of UV rays with solar shades, which can be adjusted at different times of the day to account for changes in the sun’s height and intensity.

2. You can save on cooling costs by blocking light

With projections for higher energy costs than ever on the horizon, it’s more important than ever to look into energy-saving techniques for your business. Solar shades and screens offer an amazing way to save on energy, especially when it comes to moderating heat retention in a room. Lower shades to keep rooms cooler in the warmer months, and adjust them in the cooler months to allow more light and heat to permeate your business.

3. Solar shades and screens are easy to clean and resistant to deterioration

Solar shades and screens are developed with high efficiency in mind. The UV-light-blocking, energy-saving devices are also designed to be easy to clean and maintain, which is definitely key to keeping costs down in your business. In addition, exterior solar shades are custom-designed to resist deterioration based on heat and humidity.

4. Easily customized to fit your building’s needs and style

Aside from being available in different colors, solar shades and screens can be cut to fit any window type and shape. Your shade and screen installer can help you during a consultation to discuss where your greatest needs may be for solar shades.

For example, you may find that the south-facing windows in your business could really benefit from solar shades. Or perhaps it’s a good option for all angles. You can also choose how much light filtering action is necessary for your business during the consultation, to make sure you’re getting exactly what you need.

5. Minimizes glare to prevent headaches and hassle

It should never be a struggle for your employees to focus on their computer screens, but excessive sunlight can definitely cause issues. Glare on computer screens can be a real hassle to your employees. It causes eye strain, and has been linked to headaches.

Solar shades diffuse the light coming in through your windows, so that your employees won’t experience so much annoying glare. And your employees won’t be the only ones who benefit: if you have customers or clients coming in, solar shades will allow them to use their mobile devices without glare.

When it comes to your business, you want shades that are convenient and aesthetically pleasing—but also get the job done. Join other businesses that have made solar shades for their needs, and reach out to Just Blinds today for a free consultation.

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