Best Window Treatments for Large Windows

A home with tall windows are prized for their dramatic visual appeal and ability to fill a room with natural light. In apartment homes tall windows are usually present in rooms with 9-foot ceilings, making a small living area seem much larger and brighter. And when your home features window groupings that combine windows of different sizes or different architectural stylings – deciding how to dress these larger window designs can seem more challenging and may require a custom-designed window treatment.Continue reading

How to Winterize Your Living Room In Style

The way we use our homes changes from season to season. In the summer, you want the lightest possible decor. Plenty of room to move around in, breezy curtains, and furniture that’s comfortable in warmer temperatures. You’re more likely to leave your windows open, lounge on deck chairs in the back garden, and use indoors as more of a staging point for warm-weather activities. However, as the seasons turn and the days get colder, so too does how we use the home. We stay inside, turn on the heat, and curl up with hot cocoa instead of lounging on the deck. Even the way we decorate changes as we draw the curtains against the cold and blankets start appearing draped over the backs of chairs and couches, not to mention actual holiday decor.Continue reading