The way we use our homes changes from season to season. In the summer, you want the lightest possible decor. Plenty of room to move around in, breezy curtains, and furniture that’s comfortable in warmer temperatures. You’re more likely to leave your windows open, lounge on deck chairs in the back garden, and use indoors as more of a staging point for warm-weather activities. However, as the seasons turn and the days get colder, so too does how we use the home. We stay inside, turn on the heat, and curl up with hot cocoa instead of lounging on the deck. Even the way we decorate changes as we draw the curtains against the cold and blankets start appearing draped over the backs of chairs and couches, not to mention actual holiday decor.

Most people go through this transition without noticing. They get colder, the holidays approach, and their behavior changes, but why not optimize the yearly reconfiguration? With a deft hand and a stylish vision, you can winterize your living areas and make them seasonally beautiful at the same time.

Custom Thermal Curtains
The curtains you want up in the summer and winter are very different. Films and bright, cheerful patterns are great when your goal is to let in the sunshine but windows take on an entirely different nature in the winter. Even insulated windows can get cold and the best solution to keeping your home warm is heavy thermally insulating draperies. While you can find off-the-shelf thermal curtains, if you want the winter window treatments for all your public rooms to match or complement each other, try ordering a set of custom drapes instead. You can choose a cheery holiday red theme, dark blues for a more somber tone, or pick a pattern that looks elegant in your home design.

Thick Carpets on Smooth Floors
What your floors are made of makes a big difference both in how cold they are to walk on and how much cold they can transfer into the home. Stone and tile floors may be nice and cool in the summer but they can become uncomfortably cold in the winter. Wood and linoleum are more resistant to cold but nothing keeps your home cozy soft, thick carpets. While you may not want them down all year long, the winter is the perfect time to put down some beautiful patterned rugs in any room with hard floors. Long rugs can be used for hallways and walk spaces, larger ones for open areas or even rearranging to be underneath your regular furniture. The best part is that, by working with your custom drapes team, you can find rugs that look superb when paired with your thermal curtains.

Matching Throw Blankets
Throw blankets or “throws” are those soft blankets that look nice draped over the back of a couch and can be snuggled under on a cool evening. They can be knitted, quilted, crocheted, or simply a double-layer of something soft and warm. They often feature fringe or accent colors and are best when used to compliment the design of the room. A dark gray blanket, for instance, might set off the blue-gray tinges of a subtly designed living room while a cheery red with tassel-fringe would look fantastic in a living area decked out for a family Christmas. These blankets are nice when you’re alone but are especially welcoming to napping children, blanket sharing, and older relatives when family comes to visit for the holidays.

Everyone makes changes to their living space in the winter, from putting up heavier drapes to decorating for the annual family holiday. Why not do it all in one stylish fell swoop with matching curtains, warm rugs, and comfortable throw blankets that pull the entire interior design of your room together? For more great winter style tips or to consult on making your decor dream a reality, contact us today!

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