A home with tall windows are prized for their dramatic visual appeal and ability to fill a room with natural light. In apartment homes tall windows are usually present in rooms with 9-foot ceilings, making a small living area seem much larger and brighter. And when your home features window groupings that combine windows of different sizes or different architectural stylings – deciding how to dress these larger window designs can seem more challenging and may require a custom-designed window treatment.

When choosing the right window treatments, the homeowner will naturally consider many colors, patterns, materials, and styles of window coverings. But aside from beauty, the best solution for large windows should also consider how much solar shielding, interior privacy, light infiltration, and heat conservation you need for each room’s orientation to the sun and to passersby. Here are 3 stunning window treatments that combine modern forms, multiple functions, and passive energy efficiency to finish exposed, tall windows.

An Economical Choice: Vertical Blinds

One of the easiest and most economical ways to cover tall windows is with vertical blinds. These easy to install and operate ‘vertical louver’ window systems are a practical way to cover an entire wall of tall windows with color or a distinctive pattern. When it comes to window treatments that provide optimal privacy while covering both expansive width and height, vertical blinds can’t be beat. Today’s vertical blinds feature “whisper-quiet movement”, and will give your home a modern, sleek appearance with current patterns and textures that remove the “office building appearance” while lending softness and creativity to modern decors.

Soften the look of vertical blinds with a swag and tail curtain treatment or a complimentary shade of sheer panels.

Creative Flexibility with Roman Shades

When you desire the feel of luxurious drapery fabric for tall windows, choose Roman Shades for a chic appearance without the heaviness and light-blocking effects of fabric drapes. Roman shades are used for sun-blocking while also having an adjustment means of controlling the amount of light that enters the home. Instead of mounds of drapery fabric, Romans shades will neatly stack upon itself, while the portion that is open flows smoothly to cover large window openings. Choose either a pleated, classical design or a Looped Roman Shade that create looped  folds down the shade panel.

Explore decorative patterns such as florals shades for a sunroom, pastel stripes for a child’s room, or an elegant silk for living/dining areas. For filtered natural lighting, consider Bamboo Roman shades for a natural, textured look.

Modern and Efficient Cellular Shades

To enhance a modern decor with clean lines and monochromatic color patterns, cellular shades are an energy efficient option that give you precise control of how much privacy or natural lighting you desire. This is accomplished with a top down/bottom up feature where lowering the top portion overnight allows for spectacular morning sunlight upon awakening. While the bottom and top portions of a cellular shade can move independently, they are also perfect for large windows or multiple side-by-side windows. Cellular shades are also know as Honeycomb shades because the two fabric layers will fold in opposite direction, which also works to block more UV rays and provides an additional layer of insulation.

Cellular shades can create a sense of calm and a touch of style within a room. These shades can be measured to fit within the window opening or span across and outside a large window frame. Consider small cells for smaller windows, but cells under 3/8″ will look to busy for larger windows – instead consider 3/4″ cellular shades for better proportion in larger windows.

Contact us at  Just Blinds, Inc. to discover the many options for covering tall windows, large windows, or multiple-window groupings. We’ve been serving Central Alabama for over 30 years and offer free onsite consultation, expert measuring, and professional installations.

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