6 Reasons to Buy Custom and Local Blinds

When looking to purchase new blinds, shutters, and shades, the amount of choices you have can be overwhelming. Even knowing where to start can be an ordeal that more casual consumers aren’t super familiar with. That’s why, when looking to purchase these items, it’s best to buy custom and local, rather than sticking to online shopping or big box retailers.Continue reading

4 Ways to Mix and Match Window Treatments for a Dynamic Look

One definition of the term “mix and match” is when something is “made up of complementary elements taken from different sets or sources.” And when it comes to the interior decoration of your home, it’s easy to see why a mix and match approach can really make your style pop! For example, nobody wants their window decor to be boring or uniform; so how can you add dynamism to your presentation? Let’s consider just 4 ways that a mix and match approach to your window treatments will add some real luster to your living quarters.Continue reading