One definition of the term “mix and match” is when something is “made up of complementary elements taken from different sets or sources.” And when it comes to the interior decoration of your home, it’s easy to see why a mix and match approach can really make your style pop! For example, nobody wants their window decor to be boring or uniform; so how can you add dynamism to your presentation? Let’s consider just 4 ways that a mix and match approach to your window treatments will add some real luster to your living quarters.

Layers of Light

One simple way to really add some pizzazz to your window treatments is through layering your drapery to achieve the desired level of lighting at any time of day. For instance, you can have some sheer panels covering your windows within or just outside the window frame, while on the outer perimeter you can complement those sheer panels with blackout drapes. This allows you to have sunlight filter through during daytime, but enjoy a break from any outside lights during night hours. It also can add a nice, aesthetically pleasing contrast between the more delicate sheer panels and the heftier blackout drapes.

Stylish Accessories

A couple of items that deserve your attention are curtain rods and cornices. The curtain rods that you use, as well as their placement, can really add to your style statement in a big way. For example, if you want to give the impression that your ceiling is taller than it actually is, make sure you position your curtain rods about 6 to 8 inches above your window frame. As far as the actual material you use for your rods, the options are nearly limitless! You can use rods with distinct patterns that fit your preferences, or you can do it yourself, and make your own curtain rods and hangers out of anything from unused metallic brackets to spare plumbing supply parts. (And yes, I have seen it; you can look it up for yourself!)

Cornices too can add a nice flourish to your decor. If you just have blinds on your windows, and you roll them completely up, cornices can act as screens that shield the rolled-up blinds from view, giving your windows a very open, bright look.

Contrasting Textures

Another good way to bring out the best in mix and match window treatments is to adopt the contrasting textures approach. So you may want to use wooden or faux wood plantation blinds for your windows; but then if you complement those blinds with simple, elegantly understated white drapes on the sides, you add a whole new dimension to your decorative canvas. Or you may be able to reverse that approach by using simple, more traditional blinds as a contrast to really colorful drapes that are more “outspoken.”

Complementary Colors

With your color selection too, you can effectively adopt a mix and match style. If you want your blinds to be more neutrally colored, then perhaps a colorful valance will add some pop to your decor; and also function much the same as the cornice mentioned above. And again, you can reverse this approach, and make your valance more neutrally toned as opposed to blinds that crackle with color. Feel free to experiment! You can’t go wrong with a style that suits your preferences and personality.

Finding the style that you want out of your window treatments can be a bit of a challenge; and then figuring out the best way to implement that style can be even more perplexing! Here at Just Blinds Inc., we are here to assist you in that quest to find your perfect style. We have years of experience in providing window treatment guidance, and would be happy to share our knowledge of crafting dynamic window treatments with you. Contact us today for more information.

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