When looking to purchase new blinds, shutters, and shades, the amount of choices you have can be overwhelming. Even knowing where to start can be an ordeal that more casual consumers aren’t super familiar with. That’s why, when looking to purchase these items, it’s best to buy custom and local, rather than sticking to online shopping or big box retailers.

The Expertise You Need

With local retailers, you have the help and guidance of experts who can do an onsite appraisal, as well as ensure you’re getting the best color, fit, and style for your blinds or shades. Especially if you’re uncertain about the look that goes best with your home, the help of an expert can ensure that your new installment is exactly what works best for your specific home.

The Perfect Measurements

Though most people know their way around a measuring tape, there are some mild eccentricities that need to be taken into account when measuring specifically for blinds or shutters. Buying from a big box retailer may not be the best option for windows or doors that are oddly sized, but when you buy custom-made, you’re certain to get exactly what you need to guarantee the best fit.

Professional Installation

Blinds and shades are some of the most important details in a home, from both the inside and out. Buying local means you’re getting the professional installation that just isn’t guaranteed when you install them yourself. Experts with years of experience are both efficient and exact, ensuring that your custom-made blinds are installed to perfection. Remove the stress of making sure you install your blinds correctly by allowing an expert to do the work you may not be well-equipped enough to fully carry out.

Customer Care

Something that big box retailers and online stores don’t offer is incomparable customer support. Having a real person to talk to about the purchase and installation of your blinds or shutters is invaluable, and provides you with the certainty of working with a company that cares about your and your home. Imagine purchasing your blinds online and running into an issue once you’ve received them. Do you feel comfortable reaching out to that company and being able to speak to a real person who knows the ins and outs of blind installation and measurements?

Unlimited Options

When you purchase custom-made blinds from a local retailer, your options are practically unlimited. Colors, materials, and sizing are all guaranteed to be exactly what you want and are unique to your specific home. Never will you find the exact same blinds, in the exact same color and size, meaning you’re paying for not only the professional installation but the uniqueness of your new blinds that create a beautiful space in whatever room you prefer.

The Option to Finance

Often with local companies, you have the ability to finance your payments into low, monthly installments. This is an offer that online retailers and big box stores generally can’t provide. The purchase of blinds and shutters can be a cumbersome one, and local companies are glad to help out in any way they can to make those costs more manageable.

For those in Central Alabama looking for blinds, shutters, and shades, look no further than Just Blinds. We provide the quality and assurance that comes with using a local business, plus the expertise to create beautiful custom blinds for your home. We offer:

  • Free onsite consultation
  • Expert measuring
  • Professional installation
  • Financing options

If you’d like to know more about the services and products we provide, contact us today to speak with our of our friendly and knowledgeable builders.

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