There is no better way to spruce up a room than changing the window treatments, especially the drapes. With so many eye-catching ideas, everyone will think you totally redecorated, especially if you move the furniture around. Look around your room for a new color or pattern idea.

It’s All About Light-Weight Layering

Going into the New Year, living rooms and bedrooms are being adorned with multi-colored layering. It is two, three and even four colors being layered together. Beautiful fringes, chords, and tassels are used to design dramatic scallops and angles to make every home unique.

Living Rooms that Entertain

Many people still enjoy having an elegant room for entertaining their guests. You can dress up your room with dramatic draperies.

  • If your living room is painted in a white, beige or light color, deep colored drapes mixed with lightweight, sheer inserts is always a beautiful way to be bold, but allow light to come into a room. Using multi-colored panels can also be a way of pulling in different colors you want to highlight from your furnishings. It doesn’t have to be totally symmetrical with dramatic swoops and angles.
  • If you have furniture that is mono-colored, you can pick up that color with your drapes and select a light-weighted and patterned insert. Dramatic toppers can add a bold look
  • If you want the hardware part of the decor, there are beautiful bronze, gold, and wood rods, and ends that can a dramatic look. Adding elegant, chorded ropes and tassels of gold or bronze can make a rich look.

Family Room Where Everyone Hangs Out

  • A lot of homes have grown accustomed to a white family room with built-in shelves and hearths. The walls and furniture are neutral tones. If you have a few throw pillows with a bright color, that would color the room and break up the neutral tones. Again, layering heavier-colored, outside panels with lighter sheers in the middle is a great way to allow a softer light into an already bright-white room.
  • If your family room has the warmth of woods, lighter toned curtains would be best. Depending on your furniture, you can use light-colored patterns. If you have heavy, dark furniture, large stripes that run horizontally with soft-toned colors is a classic look.

Kitchen Windows Are for Gazing

Most people don’t like closing off their kitchen windows, especially when the windows are over the sink. It’s always relaxing to look out when we’re doing the dishes. Some people have beautiful bay windows that welcome in the morning light. Depending on how your kitchen faces the rising and setting sun, you may want to be able to dim some of that sunlight.

  • For homes without the glare of the morning or afternoon sunlight, shear-type curtains are perfect in the kitchen.
  • For kitchens that are soaked with the morning sun, sun-blocking materials are available. You can even use the cafe curtain idea with a bit of flair using a bold color panel on the outside of two sheer panels. You may like the bold color as the top panel.
  • For a bay window dressed with plantation shutters, four solid or patterned panels placed at the outside and inside frames are all you need to accent your kitchen’s decor.
  • For smaller windows, window blinds that you can pull all the way up are also a great idea for the kitchen, especially for those kitchens with blinding sunlight. There are plenty of different ideas and types of blinds that offer a pretty print or light colors to allow sunlight to filter through into the room. The cafe-style curtains are always great to add just a bit of decor in your kitchen. The cafe curtain comes in many different looks, so it doesn’t have to look outdated.

Bedrooms – Fancy or Plain

Many master bedrooms, especially those with a lanai and pool, have large slider doors. Along with blinds or shutters for privacy, drapes and curtains make a bedroom cozy and play a big part of the decor.

  • For those big sliders, many people have a sliding blind of some type for privacy and to keep out the morning sun for those days when you actually get to sleep in. Again, layering would give you a way to add a couple of colors for a simple or dramatic look. There are many cornice board designs to hide the top of your sliders for a crisp and clean look. A simple and bold look is using those curtains with the big loops hanging on a beautiful rod.
  • The smaller bedroom windows where you use a panel design on the sliders can be dressed with just a single color taken from the sliders.
  • If your bedroom only has a couple of windows, you can make them appear bigger with cornice boards, long panels with sheer lace covering the window panes.

Just Blinds Can Help You Create A Refreshing New Look

With over 30 years of experience in the Central Alabama area, our creative team at Just Blinds, Inc. has been helping homeowners design and create exciting changes with window treatments whether through custom blinds, shades, plantation shutters and all types of window fashions. Our in-home consultations are free. We are always excited to see our customers love their homes all over again and again with a refreshing new look through the windows. Let us help you envision the new look.

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