With so many options for blinds available, it can be hard to determine exactly what might look best for your home or workspace. No matter what space you’re trying to shade, you want something that looks stylish, unique, and practical, without overdoing it.

That’s why plantation shutters are one of the best options for your home. Beautiful and practical, these shutters create a space that is welcoming, inviting, and where light is evenly distributed. More than drapes, plantation shutters are timeless, easy to use, and overall the best decision for you.

Shutters That Pay For Themselves

The energy efficient design of plantation shutters means that you’ll be saving on cooling and heating your house during hot summer days and chilly winter nights. If you’re looking to keep your home cool or warm, simply close the shutters all the way to lock in your home’s temperature without the exposure to the outside environment.

Better control of the temperature of your home means not only are you more comfortable, you’re saving money on your energy bill. Instead of cranking the air conditioning or blasting the furnace, you can rest assured that your plantation shutters are keeping the temperature of your home at a cool, comfortable level.

A Timeless Look

When comparing shutters to other window covering options like drapes, it’s easy to understand the timeless and classic look of plantation shutters. Rather than changing outdated drapery every few years, you can ensure the beautiful look of your home’s elegance with the stylish look of shutters. Plantation shutters can be:

  • A timeless, classic white or stained to match your home or preferences
  • Custom-made to fit your windows specifically, creating a seamless look across the whole room
  • Created with you in mind, and fitted to the specifications you prefer

Imagine how drastically the appeal of your home will improve from both the inside and from the curb when you add plantation shutters to your front windows. Home resale value is just one more way shutters pay for themselves!

Protect Your Rugs and Furniture

For those looking to ensure their rugs and furniture don’t fade due to direct sunlight through windows, plantation shutters are an easy option to quickly close for the day and thereby protect these items from fading in the light. Rather than pulling drapes, shutters can quickly be closed before you leave for work and reopened upon your return, meaning your furniture is safe from the sometimes harmful rays of the sun.

Nothing could be easier to clean than plantation shutters, either! Simply dust every few weeks in order to ensure the shutters are looking their best, but no other work necessary. Cleaning your home shouldn’t be made more difficult by your choice of how to cover your windows, and with plantation shutters, it simply won’t be!

Just Blinds Makes Buying Shutters Easy

When you choose Just Blinds for your plantation shutters, you’re getting the best product and the best service in the industry. We have served the River Region and Birmingham area for over 30 years, meaning we know the wants and needs of our customers and are prepared to satisfy. When you choose Just Blinds, you receive:

  • Free onsite consultation from qualified experts
  • Measuring that ensures your blinds are just right for your home
  • Professional installation with quality customer care
  • The best brands, like Hunter Douglas, Graber, and more

To find out more about buying the best shutters for your home, contact us today and set up your free onsite consultation. Create a beautiful, welcoming space in your home with shutters that pay for themselves, look timeless, and protect the contents of your home from the sun.

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