Are you looking for a way to add some simple charm to your home’s ambiance? Or maybe you would like to brighten up your rooms’ somewhat “flat” decoration? If the answer to either of those questions is yes, then woven wood blinds may just be the perfect fit for you! But you may wonder: “What exactly are woven wood blinds? How expensive are they? And how should I use them for my rooms?”

What They Are

Woven wood blinds, or shades, are a type of blind that is fashioned from materials such as bamboo, jute, straw, or other “woody” substances. Oftentimes people use the terms “blind” and “shade” interchangeably when it comes to woven wood. A blind is, of course, a window covering that has interconnected but separate slats, whereas a shade is a single piece of fabric. However, woven wood products usually have characteristics of both blinds and shades, so either term could be accurately used.

Many people also refer to woven wood blinds as “matchstick” blinds, but the matchstick look really only applies to a few varieties of woven wood designs.

So what are some ways you can use them in your interior decorating?

Their Applications

There are tons of ways you can apply woven wood blinds to your home! Here are just some suggestions to try out:

  • You can use them as an exact or nearly exact tone match for your wood flooring. This can unify the room’s color scheme, and allow for other sections to be accented or highlighted as desired. Oftentimes this is the approach preferred by minimalist decorators, who search for simplicity and elegance in their designs.
  • On the other hand, there’s certainly no hard and fast rule against contrasting your woven wood blinds with other decorative elements! Maybe you’ll want to use a complementary tone with your floor or wall colors; or even use the woven wood blinds as a subtle accent mark in the whole scheme. As long as the color palette makes visual and aesthetic sense, there’s no law against using two, three, or more wood tones in one room.
  • One of the nice things about woven wood blinds is their versatility. If you are looking to bring out a little more warmth from an otherwise formal style room, then woven wood blinds can add that “cozy touch” that you’re looking for. Since many brands also have an inherent, unaffected elegance to them, they can also help an informal room give off a more “dignified” vibe.

NOTE: It is important to remember that most woven wood blinds are see-through; so if you are planning to use them as privacy blinds, you’ll need some sort of liner or extra material to successfully keep away prying eyes. Another good idea may be to flank your blinds with curtains or drapes that will allow you to enjoy that level of privacy whenever you wish.

Learning About Woven Wood Blinds

Woven wood blinds can enhance your home’s beauty in so many different ways. The options are nearly limitless! If you want to make your interior decoration “pop,” then learning about the properties of woven wood blinds, their versatility, and their uses can help you make the right decisions for your home.

At Just Blinds, Inc., we are experts in helping our clients decide what type of blinds, shades, drapes, or other options would help turn their home decoration into a vibrant, creative statement. If you’d like to learn more about woven wood blinds, or other window treatments, please reach out to us today.

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