There are reasons people prefer plantation shutters over blinds. Cleaning is definitely one of them. No matter how clean we keep our homes, dust does accumulate. Regular dusting of your plantation shutters will help deter sticky buildup. When we forget to add them to our routine cleaning, we may find them dirtier than we expected with caked-on grease and dust. 

The Best Way to Clean Plantation Shutters

There are dusters that can help you keep the dust off your indoor, plantation shutters like the round Swiffer that you can bend and extend. Depending on what material your shutters are made, there are different cleaning methods to follow when there is more than just a little dust to wipe away.

Wood Shutters

As you may or may not know, water can warp wood, and harsh chemicals can ruin your wood shutters. To clean wood shutters, use a vacuum with a brush attachment, a dry dusting cloth, a soft-bristled, dusting brush, and a small brush that you can slightly dampen.

  1. Vacuum all the loose dust.
  2. Wipe each slat with your dusting cloth or dusting brush to remove any dirt that wasn’t vacuumed away.
  3. For noticeable dirty spots, use the small brush dry first to see if the spot(s) brushes away. If not, dampen your brush and gently scrub.
    1. Dry off immediately.

Polywood Shutters

If your synthetic shutters are not very dirty, simply follow the wood shutter cleaning directions. If they are quite filthy with noticeable dust and grime buildup, you can add water and/or cleaner.

  1. Vacuum away loose dust.
  2. Wipe with dusting cloth dampened with soapy water or window cleaner.
  3. Dry off after you clean to further remove loosened dust and grime.
  4. For those dirty spots, use a small, dampened brush to scrub away the dirt.
  5. Wipe dry.

Outdoor Shutters

You may be dealing with dirt and mold buildup on your outdoor shutters. A garden hose with a good spray nozzle or a pressure washer may remove most of the buildup. It might be a good idea to include bleach into the water to help clean away any mold. If the water spray doesn’t do all the work, you may also have to scrub or wipe them off with a brush or cloth. The worst part of dirty, outdoor shutters is when they are out of reach, and you have to use a ladder.

Staying Safe on Ladders

Picking a sturdy ladder for working outdoors is important for safety. If your ladder is not high enough to easily reach the shutters, you should consider buying a better-suited ladder as found on Morning Chores. If you don’t want to invest in a new ladder, you may want to contact a rental business.

Businesses that Rent Equipment

Maybe you need to rent a ladder and a pressure washer to tackle the stuck on dirt stuck on your outdoor shutters.

  1. Home Depot offers rentals for almost anything do-it-yourselfers need from ladders to trucks.
  2. Your local Ace Hardware may offer rental equipment.

A Decorative Way to Reduce Indoor Dust

Certain plants have air filtering qualities that you may want to add into your home’s décor. There are plants known to reduce dust as found on Hunker.

Understanding the All of the Beauty of Plantation Shutters

Cleaning plantation shutters are definitely easier than cleaning blinds, but there are other reasons shutters are appealing to many people as found on Everyday Health. With routine dusting, you can keep your shutters looking new, and enjoy the additional benefits: “aesthetics, privacy, ventilation, durability, energy savings, child safety, furniture and carpet preservation, capital home improvement, and can be used as room dividers and cabinetry.”

At Just Blinds, Inc., we have been helping our customers, both homeowners and contractors, with the best in window treatments to add quality and beauty in homes and offices. Plantation shutters do add an extra beauty to any home or office, and we are here to answer any questions you may have.

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