If you or a loved one are sensitive to sunlight, you’re going to want some high-quality shades or blinds. At Just Blinds, we have a wide variety of window treatments for each room of your home. People who work the night shift or have little ones who sleep in the middle of the day need shades that will effectively block out sunlight. We recommend our roller and solar shades, and here’s why!

Highly Customizable

We offer our roller and solar shades in different colors depending on your preference, made of the highest-quality materials. Our roller shades are made of vinyl and fabric, while our solar shades with fabrics that are normally translucent, but UV blocking. Whether your room has subtle or bold colors, we have shades to match it. They can also be custom-fit to any window, big or small.

Cools You Down

We see a lot more of the sun in the summer since the days are longer, but it also makes the temperature in your rooms rise higher. With solar shades, the sun’s UV rays will be completely blocked out, making the room cool and comfortable. Pairing them with roller shades is the best way to eliminate glares and heat from the sun.

Saves Your Upholstery

The UV rays from the sun can cause the fabric on your furniture to warp or fade. Sometimes the damage is so severe that you may need to replace the piece of furniture entirely. Using solar and roller shades will help preserve your valuable living room couches and dining room tables from intense sunlight.

A Great View of the Outdoors

Without good window treatments, it can be hard to enjoy the view from your home with the sun’s rays glaring back at you. If you have an apartment with a view of the big city or a house over the picturesque mountains, that view shouldn’t go to waste. With solar and roller shades, you can choose how open you want your outlook to be while protecting yourself from UV rays or excessive heat.

Saves You Money

While solar shades may be more expensive than some window treatments, they can be a great long-term investment. Our energy bills are always higher in the summer when we have to run the air conditioning for most of the day to keep our homes cool. Solar and roller shades can help block out much of the heat radiated by the sun, cooling down your room naturally. With these shades, you can use your fans and AC units more sparingly, reducing your energy bills and helping the environment.

Maximum Privacy

In addition to blocking out unwanted sunlight, your privacy is important! Roller shades can be easily raised or lowered so that you never have to worry about unwanted attention from outside viewers. Combined with solar shades, you’ll be able to enjoy your privacy along with the perfect amount of sunlight in your home or office.

Creates the Best Interior Environment

If you’ve ever tried to watch television or cook a meal in the middle of the day, you know what a hassle the sun’s rays can be. The glare from reflective surfaces like TV screens, bathroom mirrors, and kitchen appliances can make daily tasks and activities difficult. With solar and roller shades, you can enjoy your routine comfortably and uninterrupted. Our shades also come with automated controls and can be lowered and raised depending on the time of day.

While both shades work great on their own, we recommend installing them together to get the most protection from UV rays and have a more comfortable space indoors! If you’d like to install solar and roller shades, or one of our other great window treatment solutions, contact us for a completely free consultation!

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