The Smart Home Evolution is Happening

Advanced artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly revolutionizing how we live our lives. For the most part, life keeps getting easier with less time out of our day to do simple tasks, such as opening and closing our blinds or shades. If you don’t have automated blinds or shades, you probably will in the not so distant future, because smart home technology is picking up speed. 

If you haven’t put much thought into the smart home technology evolution, TIME gives you an idea how close so many of us are to live in a home designed for convenience, comfort, and total relaxation. “Swedish research firm Berg Insight says 63 million American homes will qualify as “smart” by 2022, -”

In approximately ten years, the term smart home will be more than we can imagine. Because of advanced AI, many American homes “will be able to truly learn about their owners or occupants, eventually anticipating their needs.” You may already know about all the sensory technology that is currently being used and continually advancing in intelligence. “New sensors will keep tabs on our well-being.”

It’s quite fun to think about what life will be like in just ten years. Your blinds are set to open up as part of your wake up routine, but one morning you’re feeling just awful. Your smart home, equipped with AI sensory technology knows you need your rest. The alarm doesn’t go off, the blinds stay closed, and your phone sends a message to work that you’re sick with a high fever. And, the doctor is notified. Your medicine soon shows up at your door.

Oh, don’t worry about getting up to cook. “Development in robotics will give us machines that offer a helping hand with cleaning, cooking, and more. Total relaxation when you’re home under the weather. You can stay in your “puffy pants,” and keep the world out with your blinds or shades closed. But, if you want to see what it’s like outside, just give the command, and there will be light!

Enjoy the Benefits of Window Treatment Automation

At Just Blinds, we’re excited to offer smart technology to add another step towards living the easy life. We can automate your blinds or shades by using Siri, Alexa, and all kinds of smart home devices and automation. And it’s not just to make life easier, there are other reasons that automated blinds or shades make your home smarter.

No Cords: Safer with a Better Look

If you have curious and explorative young children, you may have already had to hide the cords. With automated blinds and shades, there are no cords. Our cordless, automated blinds and shades will give you the peace of mind to know your children cannot get in harm’s way playing with window treatment cords. For those of us who have four-legged children, hanging cords can also be a tempting toy for a cat of dog.

It’s time to do away with the dangling cords. Automated blinds and shades just look better. How could they not? They have technology’s intelligence built into them. No pull cords necessary!

Better Privacy and Added Security

At night, it’s easy for neighbors to see into our windows when rooms are lighted. With automated blinds or shades, you can push a button before you even walk into a room. Even better, you can have them on a timer to close as the sun is gone for the evening. You no longer need to think about it.

Automated blinds and shades are great for adding another layer of security throughout your home when you’re away. Many of us use timers to turn on and off lights to make it look like someone is home whenever we’re not. Now your blinds or shades can do the same thing.

Life is Simply Easier with the Convenience of Automation

Why not enjoy the convenience of the future now? Let automation technology let the daylight into your home, and shut out the darkness of night. Not to mention, you have an easy way to keep the summer heat out. You can time your blinds or shades to close on those windows where the sun heats up rooms facing east or west.

Just Blinds Excited to Offer Smart Home Technology

Serving our Alabama neighbors in Montgomery, Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Lake Martin, and Auburn for over 30 years, we’re excited to bring our customers the luxury of smart blinds and shades. Call to learn how easy life is with automated window treatments. It’s simply wonderful.

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