With fall quickly approaching, it’s time to think about how your porch can make an impact on the people who pass by your home. Whether it’s neighbors out for an evening walk or trick-or-treaters on Halloween, your fall porch decor can really spruce up the look of your home and make a welcoming experience for guests who may be visiting. Luckily, there are some easy ways to get your porch fall-ready and create a beautiful look for everyone who passes by! 

Find a Fall Wreath

Whether it’s homemade or store-bought, a wreath is a classic staple for any fall-themed porch. A beautiful wreath of fall colors (oranges, yellows, and reds) can add to your front door and help tie in the rest of your porch decor to say that fall has arrived!

Add Throw Pillows

A porch bench creates a space that allows you to kick off your shoes and stay a while. Even the most summery looking bench can take a turn toward fall with a simple throw pillow or two that better communicates the season. A nice earthy pattern is one great way to create a fall look, and helps add to the feeling of comfort.

Create a Foliage Look

Fall is all about a change in weather and the end of summer, and a fall foliage look can help portray that on your porch. Use weather-appropriate plants and mix with hay and long grass to create a look that’s beautiful but also shows a sign of the season. A good mix can help keep things interesting!

Throw in Some Pumpkins

One of the more classic fall looks is the addition of pumpkins to your porch. That doesn’t have to mean regular orange pumpkins, however! While you can create a signature look using naturally colored pumpkins, you can also add creativity and uniqueness to your porch with white pumpkins, or pumpkins that have been spray painted to the fall color you prefer. A variety of orange, white, and brown can create a fun look that your neighbors will be jealous of!

Paint the Front Door

If you’re really looking to make a change that can create a beautiful fall look, painting your front door can make a statement unlike any other. Whether it’s a nice deep red or a muted earth tone, a front door color swap can be a distinct signal of the changing seasons. This also frees you up to change the door to a brand new color when spring arrives!

Add Pops of Color

Though the standard earth tones of fall create a classic look, don’t be afraid to add a pop of color here and there. Similar to trees in the fall, a bright red or green may make it’s way into the foliage of fall, and your porch can sport the same style as nature itself. Bright colors can make a unique space even more different and take your fall decor to a new level.

Make it Personal

Though everyone’s fall porch decor may have similar elements, no one can replicate the special pieces of it that make it uniquely you. Adding your family’s last name to the decorations (perhaps painted on one of the pumpkins) or making a placard of your house number to fit among the pumpkins can help to keep your porch as unique as you and your family are!

With so much attention being drawn to your new fall porch, make sure your blinds are up-to-date and as stylish as your newly decorated porch! If your blinds need an update, contact us today to set up an appointment and find out how we can help make your home beautiful.

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