With the seasons about to change, it’s the perfect time to bring a new look into your home. A simple way of making a bold change is to update your window treatments. Plantation shutters are a classic. With the types and designs offered today, you have a variety of options to create beautiful windows throughout your home.

Plantation Shutter Basics

Many people love the classic look of plantation shutters. The distinguishing characteristic of this type of window treatment is the wide louvers that can come in different widths: 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 to 4 1/12 inches. We’re here to help you decide what size louver is best for the windows in your home.

Homes, across the country, are adorned with plantation shutters, and they are widely used “in the warmer Southern and Western states,” as found on the DIY Network. You have options of different types of materials: “vinyl, composite and wood.” Each with its qualities, and all with a classic look.

Vinyl Plantation Shutters

You also have a variety of options when it comes to plantation shutters made of vinyl, which offers the highest cost savings. Since there is no wood, except for the vinyl-clad wood, this type shutter is “weather resistant and good in high-moisture areas.”

Composite Plantation Shutters

When you want the look of wood, but not the expense, you may want to consider this type of “engineered wood” shutter. “They are very sturdy, while also being weather and humidity resistant.”

Wood Plantation Shutters

Known to be the true plantation shutters, wood shutters, especially made from “basswood,” are known to have “the highest strength-to-weight ration, making it very light and strong.” As reported, the other advantages of selecting wood plantation shutters are the “custom shapes and sizes,” and a wood shutter “can be painted or stained.”

Plantation Shutter Options to Fit Any Window

Not only do you have options for material types, but you also have options for different designs and looks.

Window Size Options

Depending on a window’s size, a single panel or two panels will work. What is nice, your shutters have two sections, top, and bottom. You can open only the top or bottom louvers to control the amount of light and sun to come into a room.

Twin and Triple Window Options

If you have a row of two or three separate windows, you can cover them all with a single frame of multiple shutters. It’s a neat and tidy look that creates a beautiful accent wall.

Cafe Height Shutters

When your windows aren’t facing east or west, you may not want to block out all the light or the beauty of the night sky. Cafe height shutters only cover the lower portion of your windows.

Double Hung Shutters

Another option to opening the top of your window to full light is using double hung shutters. Each shutter offers door-like panels to open against your wall. You can open the top shutter panels, and leave your bottom closed.

Options of Shutter Colors and Hardware

Your plantation shutters can be in any color, especially if you are looking to create an accent wall. Your shutter hinges are also available in a variety of colors that you may want to use on every window, no matter the room or shutter colors.

The Benefits of Plantation Shutters

We believe plantation shutters offer ageless beauty. They are easy to use, and they deliver the privacy you want for your home. They look exceptional in any room, from bathrooms to formal living rooms. One welcoming benefit of plantation shutters is the ease of keeping them clean and attractive.

If you’re ready to create a classic and unique look throughout your home and get ready for the holiday season, it is always our delight to show you all the options available at Just Blinds, Inc. On-site consultations are also our pleasure, and always FREE!.

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