Window treatments are an essential part of interior design. Not only do they frame the room, they also add texture, dimension, and tonal unity to a space. Even more importantly, they create privacy and regulate the amount of sunlight in the room. Many homeowners choose their window treatments based on the color and visual aesthetic. But there are several other factors to consider in window covering design. Before you invest the time and money in installing window coverings, take a look at these 5 design considerations to help you make the best selection.


Corded window coverings pose strangulation hazards for small children, as well as pets. In fact, the Consumer Products Safety Commission calls corded window treatments one of the top five hidden hazards in American homes. Young children can easily become entangled in the cords. If you have children, or host small children in your home, choose cordless treatments, or place the cords out of reach. Cordless blinds are also less likely to malfunction and are visually streamlined and tidy.


Some people choose their window treatments first and design the room around them, while others choose them after the room is complete. Either way, you’ll want to make sure your window coverings blend seamlessly into your room. If you are choosing one treatment to use throughout the home, you may want a neutral option like wood blinds or pleated shades. Custom draperies and window treatments can add colorful interest to each room and accent a particular style. Elegant fabrics with silky textures for the dining room can pair with rustic woven treatments in the family room, when the patterns and colors are complementary. Know the look you are going for throughout the home, before you commit to a purchase.


The right window coverings can dramatically improve your energy efficiency. Blocking out the hot sun in summer and the cold wind in winter, window treatments can save you a bundle on energy bills. Cellular shades and shutters add insulation to your home, while solar shades block out harmful UV rays and increase energy efficiency year-round. Window treatments also protect your rugs, floors, and furnishings from fading and UV damage. Window coverings can do much more than dress up your windows- they can safeguard your home, your health, and your finances.


Sure, you want to let a little sunlight in, but maybe not all of it, especially on a summer afternoon. And while daylight peeking through your blinds is pleasant, neighbors peeking through is not. Window coverings offer you the ability to control how much sunlight you let in, and how visible you are to the outside. Your bedroom may call for blackout blinds to secure a sound night’s sleep. A rear window facing your private patio is ideal for beautiful curtains that can be pulled fully back. Whereas a front window facing the street might benefit from roller shades, shutters, or blinds. Think about how each room will be used and the privacy needed before you buy window coverings.


Motorization allows you to control your window coverings from across the room, or even remotely from your phone. If you want to close the blinds when no one’s home, or set them to open and wake you with the sunrise, motorization gives you complete control. You can block the sunlight at peak hours to maximize energy efficiency. Or lower the blinds at dusk to set the tone for your evening. Motorization also reduces the wear and tear that comes with yanking on cords or manually pulling back treatments. Most importantly, motorization eliminates the safety hazard of young children with corded blinds.

Window coverings set the tone for the canvas of your home. Elegant, rustic, chic, or classic, they accentuate the space you love. While style and color are important factors, they aren’t enough to base your decision on. When deciding on window coverings, you must take into account these 5 design considerations: child safety, color/pattern/texture/shape, eco friendliness and energy efficiency, light control and privacy, and motorization. The experts at Just Blinds, Inc. are experienced in designing the right window coverings for your specific needs. In order to make the selection that is the most beneficial and beautiful for your home, contact us today!

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