At Just Blinds, every year end is exciting to us as we wait to learn what’s going to be decorating trends of the next year. 2020 marks the second decade of the 21st Century, and from what we’re seeing, there is a lot of creative juices flowing for interior design. 

Nostalgia and Environmental Concern

It appears that 2020 is going nostalgic, as described on The “strong impression upon the fashion industry” that is flowing into interior design, as the new decade arrives, it is “the sparkle of the 70’s night disco club in combination with the luxury, velvet softness and oblong volumes from the ’80s.” Along with nostalgia, there is the question, “how will we (and our home environment) change and evolve?

Eco-Friendly Initiatives for Environmental Action

With concerns to create, without harm to our environment, there is innovative excitement stirring the imagination of “designers to create unusual and new materials based on recycling, alternative technologies and a well-balanced approach between nature and technologies.” It’s all about reuse of what is already here, such as “recycling of electronic components and auto-technologies.” A pollution problem that is grabbing the attention of many is the drive “to reduce the usage of plastic and to recycle the existing one.”

Meshing Two Contradicting Themes

It’s quite a contrast to demand both “luxury and the need for sustainability and gentile exploration of natural resources.” Although it’s a serious matter, there seems to be excitement in the challenge to live in luxury and not feel guilty for contributing to environmental destruction.

As suggested, one way to mesh these two trending themes together is to create a more simple and sustainable environment in the living and kitchen areas, and put the luxury in the bedroom(s). It’s a great way to create the right mood for the right room.

The Hybrid Home Blends Home and Work

Another exciting challenge is “the increasing dynamics of city lifestyle.” In today’s age of digital intelligence, it is growing more and more popular to work from home. This growing trend “gives designers the challenge of creating homes with special working areas integrated into the home’s design,” to account for the traditional home infused with creative solutions “for work and creative inspirations.”

Tiny Homes are Increasing in Popularity

It is trending that the tiny home “concept will have its strong presence and creative development in the upcoming season for 2020-2021 as well.” Like the hybrid home, “architects have become more involved in the development of practical and innovative solutions for small spaces.”

Color Portrays the Mood

You will find exciting information on materials and colors on, but let’s open another resource and take a peek at MyDomaine. Everyone is familiar with the Sherwin-Williams company and its painting presence. Each year, the company “enlightens us about the hottest paint color of the year.” For 2020, “Naval” is “the world’s most relaxing hue.”

From a survey, inclusive of “250 interior designers,” you find out the dynamic changes in  colors for 2020. “It’s not just about how colors look in a space, but how they make you feel.” And neutral colors will no longer be the softer colors, such as “white, gray or beige.” In 2020, you will see colors with more depth, such as “black, sage green, navy blue, and blush pink,” part of the neutral colors.

While there are expected to be generational differences in the selection of colors, “beige will be the comeback queen.” Walls of various shades of gray will no longer be the trend, but brighter colors of yellows and oranges for the younger generation, and more subtle colors of whites and beiges for the older generations.

Window Treatments Add to the Decorating Trends

There is nothing better than the look and feel of freshly painted walls with new décor to update any home. A big part of every room is the windows. With all we have at Just Blinds, you can make simple or dramatic changes to any room with our exceptional product lines. Whether big or small, we’re here to hear all about your home and your decorating plans.

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