A lot of people consider blinds and curtains the same thing. They are window coverings for the home. However, this isn’t exactly right. Choosing blinds as window covers is better overall than curtains. There are a number of benefits that most people don’t even consider when trying to choose between blinds and curtains. 

1. So Many Styles to Choose

It is true that curtains come in many styles. They have a number of colors and patterns to fit most interior decorating needs. However, blinds provide this as well.

The modern blinds have almost too many styles, colors, and patterns to count. A blind exists to fit almost any style or type of room. These include the traditional blinds most people know. However it also includes types like mini blinds, roman blinds and vertical blinds.

The colors available fit any room from kitchen to bathroom. There are even cordless blinds. These work well with people who are concerned with safety of young children and pets.

2. There Are a Variety of Materials

A lot of popular blinds are made of plastic, bamboo, and aluminum. This provides a chance to decorate the room, while having control over the price. Though plastic blinds are cheaper, they are still a high quality. Many people choose them to control costs while getting the benefit of style.

A popular material is wood. Those that have wood furniture enjoy having wooden blinds to match. It is true they are more expensive than a lot of other materials. If cost is an issue, imitation wood blinds are available for a better price.

3. Easy Maintenance

Anyone who has curtains knows that cleaning is required. Depending on the type of material they require different methods. It is also a hassle to take them down, clean them, then put them back up.

This isn’t an issue with blinds. Taking care of blinds is simple and easy. Many times all it takes is a few minutes and a duster to clean blinds. Dusting blinds is a chore that only takes a little time. Usually it only needs done a couple times of week. Many people just use a dry or damp rag to clean and maintain their blinds.

4. Option for Complete Privacy

Curtains are fine for privacy. Yet, there are some issues. Wind from an open window makes them move and settle differently. Children and pets play around them and open them sometimes. For full privacy, blinds are a better option.

Blinds hang down and return to their natural position when moved. With the cordless type, children and pets can’t move them by accident. If total privacy is wanted, top-down shades are the best buy. These allow control of natural light coming in while providing the best privacy.

5. Control Light

This is the largest benefit of blinds. As mentioned, curtains are often moved and settle differently. This doesn’t happen when using blinds. They cover the entire window according to need. They are made specifically for control. Anyone with blinds knows how easy it is to open or close them depending on how much natural light is required.

There are several types of blinds made for shutting out all natural light. The slats of these blinds close tight enough to provide darkness. Many people enjoy these in bedrooms for better sleep. Another use is for home entertainment rooms. These blinds get rid of glares on screens.

Overall, curtains aren’t the worst thing. However, the benefits of blinds make them superior as window covers. Whether it is style, price, privacy or light control, blinds are a better option. Contact us today to find out the best blinds for your needs.


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