Like any other kind of blind or installation in the home, motorized blinds can gather dust and debris over time, making it necessary to clean them from time to time if you want them to look and work consistently well. If you want to make sure your motorized blinds stay clean, there are certain steps you can take that won’t require too much time and effort.

The following are some helpful tips to ensure you keep your blinds clean and functioning the way they should. While your first instincts might be to use a simple duster, there are more effective solutions that can get the job done.

For additional help or entirely new motorized blinds, consult window treatment professionals who can provide further assistance based on your specific needs.

Avoid Soaking

Similar to other window treatments, you should never spray or soak cleaners into your blinds. If you don’t need to thoroughly clean your blinds and simply want to give them some spot treatment, you can do so using a damp towel, but never place any water or cleaner directly on the blinds, or this could cause some superficial damage to the materials.

Use a Vacuum with a Brush Attachment

If you have a vacuum with a brush attachment, this is ideal for cleaning motorized blinds, specifically if you have fabric blinds or window shades installed. This attachment will allow you to get those areas that are normally hard to reach and keep them clean. You’ll likely find that a brush attachment beats other methods of removing dust and dirt from fabrics.

Clean with a Rubber Sponge

You can keep the blinds clean without using any water by using a rubber sponge, which is also known as a dry sponge. You should be able to find a rubber sponge at your local hardware store. These sponges are especially useful if you want to remove dust and dirt from blinds made of fabric or vinyl, in lieu of a vacuum with a brush attachment.

You never need to clean using soap and water with a rubber sponge. Simply use it to wipe down your blinds and you should be able to effectively remove any buildup.

Dust with a Lamb’s Wool Duster

If you’d prefer to use a duster, try to avoid using a traditional duster on motorized blinds. Dusting can be effective at keeping your blinds free of dust, but the key is to use a lamb’s wool duster. You can use this kind of duster to clean horizontally across the blind’s slats and work down to the bottom, which can help make sure you catch dust as it drops from slat to slat.

When to Consult the Professionals

If your blinds have become too difficult to clean on your own, or you would like to restore your windows with an entirely new window treatment, you should consult with your local window treatment professionals who can help you decide on the right services and installations.

When looking for new installations, it can be a challenge to find the right motorized blinds and other window treatments for your home, but the experts at Just Blinds are here to give you everything you need. Regardless of your preferences and specifications, we can provide you with the perfect window treatment, including motorized blinds and other types of blinds based on your specific needs. With over 3 decades of experience, we have the knowledge and expertise needed to successfully complete any project.

To learn more about how we can help you and to schedule an in-home consultation with our professionals, contact us today and we’ll give you the assistance you need.

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