You’re probably already aware that cordless blinds are a safer alternative to traditional types if you have young children or bored pets. Cordless blinds do still contain internal strings to move the blinds up and down, but there’s no dangling cord. Depending on the style you have installed, instead of pulling a string to raise the blinds, you press a button, lift the bottom rail, or pull down to release the spring tension. You’ll be happy to know that safety is but one reason to choose cordless blinds. This versatile alternative has many benefits.

Easier When You Have Many Windows

If your home has plentiful windows, especially those in various shapes and sizes, cordless blinds are much easier to operate with only a simple push or pull. You can say goodbye to struggling with cords or making one end higher than the other and playing the see-saw game.

Great for Making Windows a Focal Point

When you’re seeking to highlight unconventional window shapes, custom nooks, or designer alcoves, cordless blinds keep the space uncomplicated and uncluttered. They provide a more stylish, uniform look from room to room. Loose cords dangling near frames detract from both the view and the style of the space itself. Cordless blinds keep focal windows aesthetically clean and attractive, so they can do their job of letting in the beauty and sunshine of the outdoors.

Highly Customizable to Design Themes

Cordless blinds are available in many different styles, colors, and textures.

  • Vertical blinds are great for adding height to a room and for controlling light and privacy on sliding glass doors.
  • Mini blinds are simple, functional, and suitable for irregularly shaped windows.
  • Faux wood blinds are more durable than real wood, less expensive, environmentally friendly, and beautiful.

Whether you’re going for modern (unlike its name suggests, “modern” decor reflects a past era, such as the mid-century modern of the 1950s), contemporary (all about the latest looks and future trends), or a traditional decorating theme, cordless blinds work well in each. You can even pair cordless blinds with customized draperies or window treatments to give a room a distinct character.

Comparable in Cost to Traditional Blinds

Just because cordless blinds are sleeker, safer, and more visually pleasing against your windows doesn’t mean they need to cost more! Cordless blinds and shades aren’t more expensive than other types, and they run the whole gamut in budget and style requirements.

Durable and Long-Lasting

Not only are cordless blinds less expensive to install and maintain, but they also last just as long as corded blinds — sometimes longer. If you dust and clean your blinds regularly and have them professionally cleaned when necessary, they can last ten years or longer. Cordless blinds are also easy to repair.

Child and Pet-Proof

Of course, we can’t overlook the benefit of cordless blinds being child and pet-proof. Dangling cords are dangerous for small children by posing a strangling hazard, and dogs and cats (or other critters) can get caught in them during a rambunctious moment. Rather than having to tie loose cords to knobs or hooks (which may not work since animals and kids can still pull them free), cordless blinds remove this hazard entirely.

The Just Blinds Difference

Redecorating helps you get the most out of your space and makes your home seem new again. However, all the choices out there can make it hard to choose a direction. That’s why Just Blinds offers a free, on-site consultation. We’ll help you select from our complete inventory of styles of cordless blinds, and our expert measuring service ensures your final choice is a perfect fit. When you contact us, we’ll show you how easy and affordable it is to fall in love with your home all over again!

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