Cornices are only growing in popularity. You may have seen interior designers discuss them on the TV, or seen them featured in other media. Cornices are a great way to turn any bland space into an appealing and welcoming environment. However, you might not even know about cornices or the types of designs you can choose for your home, even though your home might be perfect for them.

What Exactly Is a Cornice?

A cornice is a wooden valance often constructed with plywood, which is wall-mounted just above the window. You can install them using corner brackets and wood screws prior to covering them with just about any design you can imagine. While many cornices might benefit from simply painting them, you can also modify them using fabric or wallpaper coverings to lend additional elegance to any space.

Whether the cornice is sufficient alone or you want to supplement it with a fabric or other treatment, there are many things you can do with a cornice in any space.

When to Consider Cornices for Your Home

There are many reasons to install cornices for your windows. The following are just a few of the ways you can transform any space using these installations.

Making the Space More Interesting

You can easily add appeal to a bland space in the home using cornices, particularly spaces with minimal architectural designs. If the room lacks a bold trim or crown moldings, cornices can help enhance the space, including your windows and walls.

You can also hide unsightly window hardware using a cornice, adding stylishness to an otherwise simple design. Cornices can also be used to help the windows complement your furniture designs using the right color and texture combinations, and they can ultimately help tie the room together.

Cornices can make smaller rooms feel bigger as well, as they attract attention to the spaces above the windows as opposed to everything below.

Adding a Traditional Design to an Open Space

Many people are excited to move into a home with spacious rooms that drew them in, but then they discover the challenge of using their traditional design elements in these spaces, many of which feature floor-to-ceiling windows and other elements that typically mesh better with contemporary designs. Thankfully, the use of cornices can help homeowners get the most from a traditional design by using stylish fabrics and wood patterns that are more complementary to the surrounding interior decor.

Regardless of your windows, cornices can give you the look you want in any room.

Create Any Style

Whether you want something more traditional or chic, there’s practically no limit to what you can do using cornices throughout the home. If you want to give the kitchen a unique blend of classical and modern appearances, you can easily do so using a cornice and other architectural designs. Accentuate the cornice with panels and boards along with fabrics, and you can create just about any look you can fathom.

Regardless of your tastes, cornices can effectively transform any space along with other window designs.

Here at Just Blinds, we have plenty of experience installing cornices and many other window treatments for homes of all types. Our customers in the Birmingham and River Region areas have been satisfied with our services for over 3 decades, and we continue to ensure our installations and customer service exceed our customers’ expectations. You’ll be able to choose from many cornice designs, along with blinds and other window treatments that can make your home stand apart, with free in-home consultations that give you the ability to choose precisely what you want.

Contact us today if you would like to learn more about what we offer and schedule a consultation.

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