Many homeowners prefer blinds to shades because of their ability to more effectively preserve privacy and block light. They’re also durable, relatively easy to maintain, and, depending on the options, they can add more visual appeal to any space in the home. However, traditional blinds may not be ideal for some homeowners who are looking for a solution with added convenience, safety, and security, in which case motorized blinds might be the perfect solution.

The following are some key benefits to installing motorized blinds in the home.

Increases Energy Efficiency

Motorized window blinds can increase the home’s energy efficiency through both improved light control and insulation.

Using motorized blinds, you’ll be able to block more light just as easily as you can let more light in, as they close tighter and open even wider than traditional blinds in many cases. You can also set a timer to keep blinds open or closed at specific times of the day, which can help manage indoor lighting and cut down on energy costs in the process.

Ultimately, you should see a reduction in your energy costs with the help of motorized blinds.

Keep Children and Pets Safer

You may have seen the safety tags that accompany corded window blinds, which warn of the dangers they pose for both children and pets. Cords can cause harm if your pets or children become entangled in the cord’s loop, making your blinds a safety hazard that you shouldn’t need to worry about.

With the help of motorized window blinds, you can experience more peace of mind in knowing that your pets and children are safer. These blinds use cordless mechanisms to open and close and raise and lower, eliminating any potential hazards that ordinary blinds present.

Keep Your Home’s Interior Safe from Sun Damage

If your furniture or other interior decor is consistently exposed to sunlight throughout the day, this could result in damage such as discoloration and fading, along with other irreversible damage. With the help of motorized blinds, you can more easily control the precise amount of lighting you want to let into any space, which will help protect your belongings and, subsequently, save you even more money.

Oftentimes homeowners want to close the blinds at certain times of the day when the sun is especially bright, but they have a tendency to forget when they’re not currently in the room. Motorized blinds can allow you to set specific times for when the blinds should open and close.

Easy Controls for Convenience

When relaxing with a good book or film, you probably don’t want to get up to adjust the blinds, which makes being able to schedule specific opening and closing times a great convenience if you’d rather not have to mess with them.

You can also benefit from more convenience through the use of push-button controls that allow you to simply press a button to open and close the blinds, saving you the hassle of cord operation, which is often touchy.

Increased Security When Out of the House

If you want to improve your home’s security, blinds can keep people from being able to peer in when closed. However, the added advantage of motorized blinds is that they can open at various times throughout the day to give the illusion of someone being at home. Combined with an automated home lighting system, these blinds should be able to help deter thieves.

To learn more about the benefits of motorized blinds for the home and to get started on installing the perfect solution for your home, speak with the professionals at Just Blinds.  Contact us to schedule an in-home consultation and we’ll help make sure you get the ideal installation for any space.

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