Sometimes people think it is difficult to find window treatments for bay windows, but that is simply a myth! Bay windows are known for their unique construction and style that may pose a problem for some window treatment selections, but not all. Typically, a bay window will project outward from the home’s main walls. This creates an added space (or bay) within the room that is often used as a window seat area or a space for growing spectacular houseplants.

Actually, the structure of bay windows with their angled, multi-paned glass panels make for an exciting opportunity to increase the home’s exterior visual appeal and inspire distinct interior design ideas. Combine custom blinds and draperies or choose a modern solution such as motorized Roman Shades to transform a bay window area to fit your family’s needs.

4 Bay Window Treatments to Consider

One-of-a-kind layered treatments

Layered window treatments allow you to mix and match a variety of curtain styles to add more depth or texture to the room while also controlling light and improving the window’s insulating properties. There are so many ways to layer window treatments for a bay window, here we will suggest a few to consider:

  • Layer opaque drapes with sheer curtain panels – to control privacy at night and increase natural daylighting
  • Install wood blinds with curtains – obtain the maximum in light control blinds with the softness of pleated curtains
  • Pair a valance with pleated drapes – for a dramatic and look that features privacy, light control, and insulation

Layered window treatments are a popular choice for bay windows because you’ve essentially installed 2 or more window treatments that can be used in a combination of open or closed positions. If you’re using layered window treatments at a bay window, keep the patterns muted and the colors nuanced for a touch of elegance and style.

Go sheer and simple

Since many people opt to keep bay windows undressed, the easiest and quickest way to decorate these window sets is to simply hang panels of high-quality, curtain panels. Sheer or opaque curtain panels are perfect for bay windows because they allow filtered sunlight to gently glow within the room, creating a sense of peace and calm.

If you use your bay window area for lounging, reading, or an unobstructed view of your outdoor landscaping, choose sheer curtain panels in a soft and complementary interior color to create a modern and sleek style.

Create drama with draperies

Use your bay windows as a room focal point by installing luxury drapery panels the length of the window to the floor. Here you will have maximum privacy but can quickly have an open view with matching curtain tie-backs to hold drapes in place. Choose between hanging an individual curtain rod and drapes at each of the 3 windows or create a more tailored look with a curved rod made to fit your bay window’s dimensions.

Create the most drama in these areas with your choice of drapery materials from stunning fabrics like silk or metallics. Another option is to choose heavy and ornate draperies with beautiful stitching or classic patterns like Damask.

The clean lines of Roman Shades

Roman shades offer the best of two worlds, drapery-like materials and roller shade convenience. Roman Shades are the perfect window treatment for bay windows that also allow the homeowner to combine a traditional window treatment style with modern features. Today’s Roman Shades are available with insulating qualities, motorized operation, programmable presets, and reliable construction to ensure your investment lasts for many years.

If you have pets, children, or simply desire a streamlined and contemporary look, then Roman Shades are the best choice for bay windows. The beauty of Roman Shades for bay windows is that they fit either a relaxed and cozy decor or a more structured and formal interior.

For a wide selection of window treatments for bay windows, visit Just Blinds online today. Our handcrafted shades, shutters, drapes, and curtains are built to satisfy every style and every window for added beauty and performance.

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