According to the American Sleep Association (ASA), there are 50 to 70 million U.S adults who have a sleep disorder, 25 million have sleep apnea and one-third have insomnia. From that statistics alone, there are many Americans who don’t get enough sleep.

Having eight hours of sleep is crucial for improved quality of life. When you get enough sleep, you wake up with more energy, less irritable, learn better, improved moods, and improved physical health. Luckily, there is something you can do to get better sleep. You can create a sleep sanctuary to make your bedroom a place to relax after a long day. Here’s how to go about it.

1. Get rid of the screens

Do you have wireless charging built into your bedside table? It’s excellent for decor but when you want to sleep, make sure your phone is not in your hand. The same goes for your laptop and tablet. The screens will only result in bad sleeping patterns. It may feel relaxing to scroll through your favorite social media platform before going to bed, but the blue light can make it hard to fall asleep. It’s also not a good idea to have a TV in your bedroom. Make your bedroom a screen-free zone. If you want something to do before going to bed, you can read a book.

2. Get the right mattress

Choosing a mattress is vital for having a good night’s sleep and achieving good health. If you buy a mattress that does not support your body, it may not be the right one. Look for a quality mattress that will give you value for money. You can even buy one online if you are on a tight budget.

3. Use a soothing paint color

The paint you use in your bedroom plays a vital role in your sleeping patterns. When choosing a paint, go for one that is soothing. Try to avoid red as it has been known to raise the heart and purple because it can cause vivid nightmares. Go for blue to keep your mind relaxed and earthy shades of grey. Green will also make you relaxed and calm.

4. Reduce the temperature

When you are about to go to bed, your room should be cool. When your bedroom’s temperature is cool, you’ll have an easier time falling asleep. Program your thermostat to drop the temperatures when it’s approaching bedtime. The ideal temperature for your bedroom is 16-18 degrees Celsius. However, it’s a matter of personal preference. Your body needs to lose heat at night and that will be hard when your room is too hot.

5. Add Pillows

Your bedroom is not complete without the pillows. Having a pillow will make a lot of difference. If you sleep on your side, you should buy a body pillow. If you have a neck problem, go for a memory foam pillow to keep your spine aligned.

6. Keep your bedroom clean

It’s not easy to get some sleep when your bedroom is messy. Have a storage space for everything to keep your bedroom clean. You can place a bench at the foot of your bed where you put your sheets and duvets.

Have a habit of keeping your bedroom clean. Sleeping in a clean room result in a good night’s sleep. Here are some things you should keep clean in your bedroom:

  • Put away the dirty clothes
  • Clear your nightstand of things you are not using.
  • Wipe surfaces
  • Clear surfaces of clutter
  • Keep the floor clean

When making decor decision, your comfort should be at the forefront. You will have a bedroom that you’ll love on every level. Never design your bedroom with other people in mind, make it a sanctuary, and you’ll love every moment you spend in it. contact us to see how we can help transform your room.


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