Cleaning Tips for Motorized Blinds

Like any other kind of blind or installation in the home, motorized blinds can gather dust and debris over time, making it necessary to clean them from time to time if you want them to look and work consistently well. If you want to make sure your motorized blinds stay clean, there are certain steps you can take that won’t require too much time and effort.Continue reading

5 Benefits of Blinds in the Home

A lot of people consider blinds and curtains the same thing. They are window coverings for the home. However, this isn’t exactly right. Choosing blinds as window covers is better overall than curtains. There are a number of benefits that most people don’t even consider when trying to choose between blinds and curtains. Continue reading

Preserve the Beauty of Your Plantation Shutters

There are reasons people prefer plantation shutters over blinds. Cleaning is definitely one of them. No matter how clean we keep our homes, dust does accumulate. Regular dusting of your plantation shutters will help deter sticky buildup. When we forget to add them to our routine cleaning, we may find them dirtier than we expected with caked-on grease and dust. Continue reading

4 Window Blind Care and Cleaning Tips From The Experts

The Holidays are here which often times means we find ourselves cleaning every inch of our homes for the arrival of guests. One thing we must not forget to tidy up is our blinds. Regular cleaning of your window blinds is one of the easiest ways to maintain a long lifespan for all of the blinds in your home. In addition to making sure your blinds last you for years, they also look much better (and make the rest of your house look better for those house guests!) when they are properly cleaned. In this post, we will introduce four window blind care and cleaning tips that you can use to keep your window blinds in great shape. Continue reading

5 Ways to Gear Up For The Holidays

As we drift into holidays most of us know that our workload is about to increase significantly — thanks to the upcoming holiday seasons. There are just so many details to take care of from deciding on menus, preparing the house for overnight guests — not to mention for the big feasts and casual get-togethers to come. Then there’s brainstorming a gift list, shopping, wrapping decorating —- aaagh! It can all feel overwhelming if you let it. The secret is to make a concise list and then take care of each item on it over the coming weeks. Here are 5 things to be sure to put on that list …Continue reading

What is the Best Window Covering For a Child’s Room that Also Provides Safety

In today’s market, many window treatment options exist that fit a wide range of personal styles. However, when deciding upon a window covering in your child’s room, the abundance of options is confusing. However, this is a minor concern considering some of the options still available are actually harmful to children. Based upon the Federal Register, the most at risk are children between 7 months to 9 years old.Continue reading

3 Ways to Clean Your Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are beautiful and instantly add charm and sophistication to any home. But in order to maintain those elegant features and more importantly, ensure that the life of your blinds are extended for as long as possible, it is necessary to clean and care for them in a proper manner. In this post, we will take a look at four different ways you can care for and properly maintain your stunning Venetian blinds. Continue reading

7 Simple Tips for Cleaning and Caring For Your Blinds

Just as you would regularly bring in your vehicle for auto repairs, inspections, and routine maintenance to promote the longevity of your car, you should always make the time to clean and care for your blinds so that you can get the most use out of them. Cleaning and caring for your blinds aren’t demanding tasks and when you keep them in quality condition, it’s safe to say that they will remain in your home for a long time. In this post, we will discuss 7 simple tips for cleaning and caring for your blinds.Continue reading