6 Reasons Why Blinds Are Ideal For Your Business

When people think of custom blinds, home décor is probably the first thing that comes to their minds. However, beautiful window treatments don’t have to be limited to personal use alone; blinds are also very practical for businesses and office spaces as well. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, there are a number of reasons why business owners should consider installing blinds in their places of work. Here are the top 6 reasons why investing in quality blinds is a good idea for your business. Continue reading

6 of the Hottest Spring/Summer 2018 Window Blinds and Shades

It’s starting to get hot again, and it’s time to think about updating your window blinds. The options may seem endless, but this year everything is about being eco-friendly—both in materials and energy efficiency—without sacrificing style and flair. And for those who want to live in the future, think about adding a little technology.

Here are six of the latest trends in blinds and shades for spring and summer of 2018.Continue reading

Increase Privacy with Window Door Coverings

While doors with windows are beautiful, they often leave out the privacy you desperately desire for your home. Shut out peeping neighbors and unwanted strangers by adding a window covering such as shutters or blinds to your doors. Whether you have a full glass door or a door with tiny windows, we have you covered! Follow this guide to find your perfect fit.Continue reading

Why Solar Shades Are Perfect For Your Sunroom

If you  have a sunroom, you know the beauty of the space and all the amazing benefits that come with it. But perhaps you find that sometimes, the sunlight can be a little too much and cause your sunroom to get hotter than you’d like. Or, perhaps, you find that certain seats in the room just aren’t as functional due to the amount of light pouring through the windows. In that case, you need not worry. Instead, consider solar shades as your solution.Continue reading

How to Choose: Single Cell or Double Cell Shades

Cellular shades are an excellent choice for window treatments, adding stylish looks to your windows and so much more. They are energy-efficient, and provide a good insulating effect against noise. The intuitive lift system for mechanically raising and lowering them makes them an even nicer option. You can even choose shades that will open at the top for more light while keeping the bottom closed for privacy, or open the bottom to see the view. So now the question is: Do you want single cell or double cell shades?Continue reading

The Three Most Energy-Efficient Window Coverings

In these days of ever-rising energy costs, everyone can benefit from new ways to save even more on their heating and air conditioning bills. One way to do just that is by choosing window coverings that boost energy savings through their excellent insulating properties. And the good news is that you don’t have to sacrifice great looks for practicality, because the most energy-efficient window coverings just happen to be as good-looking as they are practical! That’s a perfect definition of a classic win-win situation!Continue reading

Weather Queen Shades – The Durable Outdoor (Yes, Outdoor!) Shade Option

© Weather Queen Shades

If you’re lucky enough to have a home with a screen porch, you already know how enjoyable it is to spend an evening with friends or family in a space that feels like the outdoors, minus the annoyance of swatting insects or fleeing a sudden shower. Having a roof over your head makes it possible to enjoy a warm summer day without an overhead assault from the sun, yet still be privy to the occasional cool breeze through the screens. Being able to block sun streaming in through the screens would be nice, but you’ve hesitated to hang indoor shades or blinds for fear that your investment will be ruined by the weather over time. Dust, dirt and pollen are another problem, since screens are very effective at keeping the bugs out, but not so effective at blocking tiny particles of dust and dirt on a breezy day. Shades could also solve that problem and keep your screen porch and its furnishings cleaner as well.Continue reading

Energy Efficiency is Given With Custom Window Treatments

Custom window treatments provide a myriad of benefits – they’re aesthetically pleasing, they’re easy to use, and look pretty but they’re more than just that. In fact, window treatments are the perfect way to bring more energy efficiency into your home and give it a more environmentally friendly atmosphere.Continue reading

The Many Uses of “Black Out” Shades

Mention black out shades, and people automatically think of night shift workers, who have trouble sleeping during the daytime. But there are actually many other uses for black out shades besides darkening a room in the daylight hours.Continue reading

What Are Solar Optical Properties?

If you’ve been looking for some new window shades, you’ve probably run across the term solar optical properties. Although this term sounds complex, the basics of it are really simple and knowing them can help you learn what type of shades are ideal for your property.Continue reading