Benefits to Motorized Blinds

Many homeowners prefer blinds to shades because of their ability to more effectively preserve privacy and block light. They’re also durable, relatively easy to maintain, and, depending on the options, they can add more visual appeal to any space in the home. However, traditional blinds may not be ideal for some homeowners who are looking for a solution with added convenience, safety, and security, in which case motorized blinds might be the perfect solution.Continue reading

Cleaning Tips for Motorized Blinds

Like any other kind of blind or installation in the home, motorized blinds can gather dust and debris over time, making it necessary to clean them from time to time if you want them to look and work consistently well. If you want to make sure your motorized blinds stay clean, there are certain steps you can take that won’t require too much time and effort.Continue reading

Are Custom Blinds Worth the Investment

Everyone loves the look of custom blinds, but it’s so easy to pick up another cheap mini-blind from the nearest big box store. If yet another broken mini-blind or the transition to a new home has you thinking about custom blinds, it’s important to ask whether they’re actually worth the investment. We’ve taken a closer look at investing in custom blinds, so you can determine whether an upgrade is right for you and your family.Continue reading

6 of the Hottest Spring/Summer 2018 Window Blinds and Shades

It’s starting to get hot again, and it’s time to think about updating your window blinds. The options may seem endless, but this year everything is about being eco-friendly—both in materials and energy efficiency—without sacrificing style and flair. And for those who want to live in the future, think about adding a little technology.

Here are six of the latest trends in blinds and shades for spring and summer of 2018.Continue reading

Increase Privacy with Window Door Coverings

While doors with windows are beautiful, they often leave out the privacy you desperately desire for your home. Shut out peeping neighbors and unwanted strangers by adding a window covering such as shutters or blinds to your doors. Whether you have a full glass door or a door with tiny windows, we have you covered! Follow this guide to find your perfect fit.Continue reading

Why Motorized Blinds are a Smart Option

As you probably already know, the right window treatments can make a huge difference in the appearance and functionality of a room. One of the most popular trends in the custom window treatment industry is motorized window blinds.

Perhaps you’ve noticed motorized blinds in some of the hotels where you’ve stayed. Today, these window coverings are becoming increasingly more common in homes and offices. There are various reasons why so many homeowners and business owners prefer motorized blinds. Here are some of the main benefits of motorized blinds, along with a few considerations and warnings.Continue reading

What’s New and Trending in Window Fashions Now?

Looking to change the look of a room or two for the cooler fall and winter months ahead? Your windows are a great place to start, and the latest trends in window fashions do not disappoint! Designers have some very definite ideas for freshening up your windows as the season changes from summer to fall …Continue reading

Why You Should Go Motorized

So you have decided that shades are right for you, but you don’t know whether or not you want them motorized. Shades are a great window treatment that will look lovely with your home decor. They bring beauty to your home and accent your style with simple grace whether you get them motorized or not. So why should you motorize them? Continue reading

5 Reasons You Should Choose Custom Blinds Instead of Ready-Made Blinds

If you’ve never had custom-designed blinds in your living space, but are looking at the possibility of including them in your home, there a plenty of good reasons to do so! Choosing to include custom-designed blinds in your house or apartment offers multiple benefits that you can’t always get with ready-made blinds. And in this post, we will take a look at the top five reasons why choosing to design your home with custom-made blinds is such a great idea.Continue reading

4 Popular Window Coverings to Improve Your Home Decor

Finding the perfect shades, shutters, curtains, or other window treatments for your home can seem quite daunting when you are uncertain of the ideal style and design for your living room, kitchen, dining room, or bedroom. However, when you are familiar with all of the options available to you, finding the best window coverings for you becomes a little bit easier. In this post, we will take a look at five of the most popular window coverings out there to help you find something that complements the rest of your home.Continue reading