Why Custom Roller Shades Should Top Your List

If you or a loved one are sensitive to sunlight, you’re going to want some high-quality shades or blinds. At Just Blinds, we have a wide variety of window treatments for each room of your home. People who work the night shift or have little ones who sleep in the middle of the day need shades that will effectively block out sunlight. We recommend our roller and solar shades, and here’s why!Continue reading

Woven Wood Blinds Explained

Woven wood blinds create a unique and timeless look in any area of your living space, from the bedroom to the living room. Whether you’ve dressed them up or kept it nice and simple, the style created by these useful blinds can add to your space and give your guests something to talk about.

These are a timeless choice, but have made quite the comeback over the past few years. So…What is it that makes these blinds so useful and beautiful?Continue reading

Product Spotlight: Wood Blinds by Graber

In the world of window fashions, wood blinds are a classic. Elegant, tailored, versatile, and timeless are some of the adjectives people use to describe them, and every one of them is accurate. A good-quality wood blind will last for a long time, and will never go “out of style”. That’s what makes them a classic in homes across America. Because they’re understated, they’ll compliment virtually any style of decor from modern to country to farmhouse to rustic — which is a claim that can’t be made for many other window treatment options.Continue reading

O’Hair Shutters: Real, Functional & Beautiful

As you choose blinds for your new home, quality is everything. That’s why Just Blinds trusts and installs O’Hair to deliver the very best in genuine American hardwood shutters. Shutters can be installed on the interior or exterior of your home and come in a variety of designs and finishes. Continue reading our O’Hair shutter guide for everything you need to know.Continue reading

Why Motorized Blinds are a Smart Option

As you probably already know, the right window treatments can make a huge difference in the appearance and functionality of a room. One of the most popular trends in the custom window treatment industry is motorized window blinds.

Perhaps you’ve noticed motorized blinds in some of the hotels where you’ve stayed. Today, these window coverings are becoming increasingly more common in homes and offices. There are various reasons why so many homeowners and business owners prefer motorized blinds. Here are some of the main benefits of motorized blinds, along with a few considerations and warnings.Continue reading

Why You Should Go Motorized

So you have decided that shades are right for you, but you don’t know whether or not you want them motorized. Shades are a great window treatment that will look lovely with your home decor. They bring beauty to your home and accent your style with simple grace whether you get them motorized or not. So why should you motorize them? Continue reading

Why Solar Shades Are Perfect For Your Sunroom

If you  have a sunroom, you know the beauty of the space and all the amazing benefits that come with it. But perhaps you find that sometimes, the sunlight can be a little too much and cause your sunroom to get hotter than you’d like. Or, perhaps, you find that certain seats in the room just aren’t as functional due to the amount of light pouring through the windows. In that case, you need not worry. Instead, consider solar shades as your solution.Continue reading

Vertical Blinds: Here’s Why They Are Still In Style

Vertical Blinds

NEWSFLASH: Designers in the know report that vertical blinds are not only still in style — they’ve actually never been “out” of style! True, they were “big” news in the ’80s, but they’ve evolved over the decades, and like their horizontal relatives, they are considered classic — not to mention practical!Continue reading

Why Are Patio Sunshades So Popular?

Outdoor spaces have increased in value and appreciation, and now they are getting a decor of their own. With the increase in outdoor kitchens, we see the increase of outdoor spaces that really need as much care as the indoor ones. If your outdoor space is screened in or otherwise protected, you really could use some shades. Continue reading

Are Plantation Shutters Still In Style?

Plantation Shutters in Style

When looking for window treatments, chances are you consider both design and functionality. Plantation Shutters are the ideal covering marring a personalized and stylish look with blocking the sun out in ways that help you save energy and optimize your space.

In the course of your research, you might ask yourself whether plantation shutters are still in style. It is true that some interior designers shy away from them. That said, the majority still loves them, and that doesn’t even consider the countless homeowners who could not be happier. In other words, the answer is a clear YES. Here’s why.Continue reading