New Standard Calls for Cordless Window Blinds

The dangers of windows cords exists not only for pets but more importantly, for children. There are reports of accidents from the 1940’s when window blinds gained popularity as home decor. Several years ago the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) named the cords one of the top five hazards in the home and listed several safety precautions parents should take. They also suggested voluntary recalls of window coverings with visible cords. Not many manufacturers complied with that suggestion, but did launch a campaign of educating consumers about the potential problems.Continue reading

4 Big Home Security Tips for the Holidays

While the most wonderful time of the year, the holiday season is also when many families reevaluate the security of their home. Besides the obvious (and, unfortunately, expensive) choice of a variety of home security systems, there is also a wealth of easy ways to ensure your abode stays safe, private, and secure at little cost. Here are our big 4 tips for a trouble-free holiday:Continue reading

Product Spotlight: Thin Slat Venetian Blinds

Few window treatments work well with as many different interior design styles as classic Venetian blinds. Whether you use them as a stand-alone window treatment in a modern or minimalist setting, or as a bottom layer with a pair of ornate draperies, Venetian blinds are always up to the task.Continue reading

Window Covering Safety Month

Tragically, each year toddlers between the ages of 16 and 36 months old  are killed by strangulation accidents involving cords from draperies and blinds. Research shows that most accidents happen in the bedroom and more than half involve toddlers at the age of 23 months.Continue reading

How to Create a Pet-Friendly Home

Pet Friendly Homes

Most pet owners consider their pets as members of the family. And it’s no wonder, when you think of all the ways pets enrich our lives — making us laugh, comforting us when we’re upset or sad, teaching us about loyalty (dogs) and letting to (cats).

Naturally, you want to provide the safest living environment possible, and you also want to protect your furniture and floors from the damage pets cause, however innocently. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some ways we can make our homes safe and comfortable for our pets and find a few ways to keep the peace when it comes to our furniture. Continue reading