Custom, full-length drapery is a great choice but it isn’t always the best choice for every window. When streamlined look is desired or space around the window is a premium, Roman shades are a great choice since they stack neatly when retracted—may be the better option.They can provide more of a clean-lined architectural look than full-length drapery in most situations,

Why choose a roman shade over another window treatment?

  • Is their room for stack back part of the drapery panel that opens on either side of window? No. Then consider roman shades.
  • Are your pets or children prone to pulling or scratching against drapery panels? If yes… Roman Shades are a good choice.
  • Are your windows odd sizes or difficult to reach? Yes! Roman shades are able to be synced to remotes for those difficult-to-reach windows.
  • Do you prefer a window treatment that is a bit more streamlined and less fussy? Yes? Go with Roman Shades
  • Are the windows in a small room or area? Yes? Roman shades don’t take much wall space as drapery panels, since they mount above or inside the window casing.

Roman Shades allow for great fabric choices.

Your choice of fabric is the most critical decision when planning custom Roman shades, and it’s not just because the material will set the color and pattern of the finished product. The fabric will also affect the shade’s translucency, as well as how easily it will operate and stack when retracted. Just Blinds is ready to assist you in finding the best fabric choices.

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Relaxed or Structured Roman Shades?

Roman shades generally fit into one of two styles—relaxed or structured. Relaxed shades allow the fabric to sag gently under its own weight without any rigid supports inside, which allows them to create a gentle curve at the bottom once raised. Structured roman shades have a a straight edge at the bottom by using horizontal rods, dowels, or battens to create a more defined look.

Roman Shaded allow for easy control

You can raise and lower Roman shades with three types of controls—integrated electric motors, a continuous loop system, or cord and cleat. Motorized shades allow the greatest ease of use, they can be controlled with simple button and programmed to assume preset positions. Continuous loop, length of beaded chain that simply raises and lowers, is the most popular manual control because it’s easy to operate and consistent. Cord and cleat offers a more traditional look and quieter operation than continuous loop but also has the highest chance of misalignment since the lift strings are combined into a one cord.

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