At Just Blinds we provide well-designed and expertly installed Window Treatments. Bare windows are rarely the best choice when decorating a room. Window treatments–whether plain, pleated, piped, or puddled add beauty and softness to a room’s hard edges. And in terms of practicality, they add privacy and light control

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A valance hangs across the top of a window, adding softness, color, and pattern to a windows hard architectural element. Purely decorative, these window treatments help create a room’s style. At its most basic, a great fabric can be attached to a rod with clip rings. For more detail, we can add pinch pleats. In rooms where privacy isn’t an issue, the valance can hang alone. When privacy is a concern, the valance easily pairs with a blind, shade, or shutters.

Cornice Window Treatments

Think of a cornice as a more structured form of window treatment, it typically has a solid backing, then covered fabric and mounted to the wall above a window. Like a valance, a cornice can appear alone or team with another treatment. Because of its structure, a cornice benefits from being paired with a soft treatment, such as a curtain or fabric shade, to temper its hard lines. The cornice’s structural lines are especially effective in rooms that lack interesting architecture like moldings and crown moldings.

Roman Shades

A Roman shade is a great choice due to being so versatile. When closed, the shade is a flat fabric panel. When raised, cascades of deep, horizontal folds are responsible for the tidy look. Some Roman shades are less structured, resulting in looser, puffier folds. A Roman shade can be mounted inside or outside a window frame. Many times the shade is used alone, however it can be the privacy and light control layer combined with side panels or a valance. Appropriate almost anywhere, a Roman shade’s level of formality is defined by fabric and trim choices.

Drapery Panels with Rings

Besides being fashionable, drapery panels with rings are easy to open and close and offer an alternative to anyone who dislikes the cord-and-pulley system Think of rings, rods, brackets, and finials as a drapery’s jewelry. Hardware with unusual shapes, eye-catching colors, or high contrast will draw the eye up, focusing attention on the top of the panels, window, and ceiling. Some rings even slip through buttonholes or grommets at the top of the panel.

Pleated Drapery Panels

Pleated drapery panels are the classics. They withstand the whims of window treatments fashion, adding elegance and sophistication to any room. There are many styles of pleats, that create a decorative header. Pleated panels can be hung on rings, or more typically traverse rods, which have a cord-and-pulley system for opening and closing the panels.

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