Woven wood shades, or bamboo shades, are an attractive natural alternative to other popular window treatments. At Just Blinds we listen to our clients and provide well-designed and expertly installed woven wood shades that meet their individual requirements. Bare windows are rarely the best choice when decorating a room, add warmth and natural feel by installing woven wood shades. Just Blinds only installs the highest quality woven shades to enhance your home.

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Woven Wood Shades are Beautiful and Functional

Available in a variety of materials including bamboo, grasses and reeds, woven shades add texture and style to any room. Optional add-ons include cordless and motorized lift options, privacy liners and edge banding.

Woven wood shades add a casual and natural feel to your décor. An Eco-Friendly option, you can choose from a variety of colors and styles such as bamboo reeds, jutes, and/or grasses. Woven wood shades allow light to come in and offers moderate privacy depending on which style you pick.

Sustainability never looked so good as with bamboo woven wood shades. For a window treatment that provides this natural look, bamboo shades are an eco-friendly choice and come in a wide variety of colors and textures. Bamboo is versatile enough to fit both casual and elegant home décor.

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Layer or All on Their Own Woven Wood Shades are a Great Choice

Woven wood shades are so versatile, can be dressed up or down, and can work with traditional, rustic or contemporary interior styles. Trends are showing that more and more home owners are embracing soft organic fabrics and natural fibers like woven woods shades, perhaps looking for more of a high-touch, tactile natural feel.

They work seamlessly in any interior and layer beautifully with curtains to diffuse the light. These natural shades can easily be combined with other window treatments to give your room a style all its own. With layer upon layer of different types of curtains, you can adjust the light, sound, temperature and privacy. Or, just make a relaxing room-in-a-room feeling.

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