While doors with windows are beautiful, they often leave out the privacy you desperately desire for your home. Shut out peeping neighbors and unwanted strangers by adding a window covering such as shutters or blinds to your doors. Whether you have a full glass door or a door with tiny windows, we have you covered! Follow this guide to find your perfect fit.

Best options for door coverings:

Plantation Shutters

Add a touch of timeless style to your doors by adding plantation shutters. These are available in real or faux wood. Synthetic materials in the faux option provide great high humidity protection from cracks and fading as time goes on (for an outside door). Plus, you can’t even detect the difference.

  • Easily control natural light and visibility
  • Rotate, open and shut easily
  • Variety of blade sizes available
  • Protect from UV rays and heat gain in the summer
  • Insulates home to lower energy bills in the winter
  • Protect floors, furniture, etc., from natural light fading
  • Traditional, rustic, and classic style

Best for French Doors and Regular Doors.

Vertical Blinds

An affordable, excellent window choice which comes in a variety of textures, colors, and finishes to accent any home. Popular styles include vinyl or wood. Vertical blinds open and move to the side rather than above, making them a great choice for sliding glass doors.

  • Incredibly easy opening and closing design
  • Terrific light control, many light filtering options
  • Come with multiple operation options such as chain control, wand tilt, right or left draw, and split draw for whichever view you desire
  • Move completely out of the way for an open window view or tilt blinds for more privacy
  • Simple, yet elegant style choices
  • Cordless control options or motorized increase safety for pets and children.
  • Easy to clean
  • Protects from UC rays
  • Budget-friendly

Best for Sliding Glass Doors.

Fabric Vertical Blinds

Offering all the same benefits as vinyl or wood vertical blinds, fabric offers its own unique characteristics in a door covering. Fabric vertical blinds create an airy and soft feel. With weights sewn into each fabric panel, it’s always crisp and free of any potential wrinkles. There are many different colors and fabric type options available.

Best for Sliding Glass Doors.

Bamboo Shades

Adding a bamboo shade to your door will instantly create a calm and serene environment in your home. The textured bamboo materials send you straight into a cozy and warm space while protecting your home from unwanted eyes.

  • Organic high-quality materials
  • Available in tight or open weaves
  • Liners available for enhanced privacy
  • Unique variety of color and texture variations
  • Adds unbeatable natural beauty
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Clean, classy look
  • Simple to use

Best for French Doors and Regular Doors.

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are a great cost-effective option if you’re simply looking to control light and increase privacy. They also offer great insulation features. With their contemporary vibe, cellular shades create a warm and inviting option for your door coverings.

  • Great way to control sun
  • Either up or down, not much versatility
  • Cordless operation options for pet and child safety
  • Simple and sleek for any door
  • Can be used in conjunction with other window treatment options
  • Energy-efficient
  • “Blackout”, light, and darkening options available
  • Budget-friendly

Best for French Doors and Regular Doors.

All of our blinds are available in a variety of styles, heights, colors, textures and other customizable options.

No matter what your preferences are, Just Blinds can help you find the perfect custom covering for your doors and windows. From modern to classic, we’ll ensure you get just what you’re looking for. Contact us to set up a free on-site consultation. Enhance the look of your home today!

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