For many of us, we have had our homes closed up with the fireplaces glowing and the heaters blasting. Once Valentine’s Day passes, we are ready to celebrate the Easter Season when flowers bloom, and we throw our windows open to let the fresh breeze push out the last traces of winter. 

Never Too Early to Organize and Spruce Up

Will this Spring bring changes coming your way that entails putting your home on the market? What better time to begin planning the best ways to spruce up your home to impress your lookers.

Has it been a while since you have given your home a new look? Organizing and planning now will illuminate the freshness of Spring throughout your home.

A Thorough Spring Cleaning

Many people do take their Spring cleaning seriously when they take the time to clean every nook and cranny in every room. There is a great service, where companies bring and pick up mobile storage containers to make cleaning your home easier than ever. Found on, you will find a list of nationwide companies that offer mobile storage for the big jobs you need to get done around your home.

Just in case you want some help, you may want to hire a company that offers home cleaning services. Consumer Affairs gives you a good review of the companies that are nationwide. You can even download a Spring Cleaning Checklist from those services such as Merry Maids.

Beautiful Ideas to Welcome Spring into Your Home

It is always nice to see what is trending in 2019 by the experts at Better Homes & Garden. Bright colors mixed with “energetic patterns will brighten up your home and welcome in the Spring.

Frame your windows with lightweight draperies that allow the Spring breezes and sunshine to flow into your home. As the article notes, simply adding or changing window treatments can totally transform the look of a room. With beautiful patterns, you can make your windows a “work-of-art” to create a new look that you and everyone will admire.

Many of us don’t even notice how aged our window treatments can get. If you are looking to sell your home, making your windows look clean and fresh can give your potential buyers a wonderful feeling about your home. Maybe it’s just time to give your home a fresh, new look.

Why not start with your windows, since Spring brings all the wonderful smells of flowers blooming and freshly-mowed lawns. Better Homes & Garden gives you other wonderful ideas to add or change out a few accent pieces to complete your Spring spruce up. Forbes also offers inexpensive ideas to spruce up your home that will help you compliment your new window treatments.

Just Blinds’ Window Treatments Will Spruce Up Your Home This Spring

Woven wood shades, bamboo shades, and beautiful floral or light-colored custom draperies can refresh your home in the Spring. There is nothing more enticing to any home than a fresh, new look. To us, windows are more than a way to let the light into a home. For us, windows are what completes a room’s décor, and we have been creating beautiful rooms for more than thirty years.

Bamboo Shades

If you favor a more natural look, woven wood or bamboo shades are popular window treatments that can add warmth and a lighter feeling to any room. Bamboo shades are a hit with Architectural Digest, and you find that they are not very expensive. Not only are bamboo shades affordable, but you will also find that they are excellent window coverings.

Woven Wood Shades

Another creative look for anyone wanting something else other than draperies, woven wood shades are excellent choices. These shades have some wonderful benefits while adding unique textures and a variety of colors to any room.

Custom Draperies

Like we mentioned above, your windows can be the art that is the focal point of any room. When it comes to our custom draperies, there are styles, colors, and patterns for every home.

Ready to Start Planning for a Beautiful Spring?

See how we can bring the Spring into your home right through your windows. For anyone getting their homes ready to go on the market, we can help you spruce up your windows with great looks at affordable prices. Give us a call with any questions. It is always an honor to be your choice when you are ready to spruce up your windows with exciting new looks.

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